When compromising on security is not an option

Pexip is a Norwegian software technology company that delivers a highly secure end-to-end video collaboration platform perfectly tailored to the needs of both end-users and IT professionals in businesses and organizations.

Why Pexip?

Pexip provides a video-first meeting platform that allows anyone to participate, regardless of technology, and can be used as Software-as-a-Service or as a dedicated implementation in an in-house, hybrid or cloud computing environment. Pexip also simplifies complex video communications and enables employees to meet “face-to-face,” regardless of location or technology.

Pexip - Avesqo partner

Secure meetings with complete data control

Join international governments, defense departments, military organizations and healthcare providers in handling classified information on a secure video platform.

Avesqo is a long time certified Pexip partner. We have a firm track record in the installation, maintenance and support of Meeting Rooms and secure video meeting infrastructure like Pexip. The secure spaces offering is a specialization that requires a broad knowledge of IT, video conferencing and security and privacy standards in general. Among our customers using the secure spaces solution are financial institutions, government, government agencies and defense organizations and many more.

Chat, video and file sharing for on-premise collaboration

A modern, on-premise collaboration solution that puts your organization back in control of all of your data, including its location. In collaboration with Rocket.Chat.

Meeting option when other solutions are down

Reinforce your business continuity strategy with a video communication platform to keep your organization connected in case of:

  • DDoS/DoS attacks
  • Network outages
  • Natural disasters
  • Other cyber attacks

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